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Hailee Steinfeld holds her sweater puppies & gives a peek under her skirt

09.26.2016by: Droz

Yeah, there's no way I could pass up such an obvious pun come to life. I'm sure Hailee Steinfeld didn't put together the correlation she was making with that crude yet apt way of describing a pair of tits. Although she does seem to understand the literal cheekiness of letting a little sexy underwear peek out from under her various skirts and pants. You see this a lot from Hailee. She frequently opts for clothing with strategically placed slits or some sort of knitted material which allows people with the capability and willingness to zoom in tight, a peek at what's happening underneath her clothes. People like your friendly news editor, for instance.

Hailee Steinfeld panties peek

Sure, it's not the most egregious of show off fashions we've seen around here. Still, a taste of Hailee's panties situation doesn't sound too bad to me. Maybe one day she'll start to go sans underwear in one of these outfits. Then we'll really have something to zoom in tight on.

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