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Hailee Steinfeld got the pitch perfect booty for a set of butt jeans

02.16.2017by: Droz

They're in the midst of making a 3rd PITCH PERFECT movie as we speak. I know there are a lot of folks who love those movies, so no big surprise they're making this a trilogy. I'm not so down with the entire premise of people singing in movies. I don't know why that bothers me so much, but it really does. I just hate it when people break out into song in a movie, for any reason. One thing I do like about these movies are the ladies who star in them, like Hailee Steinfeld here, who appeared to be helping out the grips by moving some camera equipment around. What a mensch. What a hottie, especially in those butt jeans. It's interesting how she's become the sweetest cream of the crop in the last several months. I might have once ranked other PITCH PERFECT stars above Hailee in a hottie comparison. Now she's very much my favorite. And not just in those movies. She's quickly becoming my favorite in all things.

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