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Hailee Steinfeld dances between magazine shoots & low-cut Corden appearances

11.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I've joked that Hailee Steinfeld should give up the ghost with this pop singing career that she's angling for, seeing as how she's a more than proficient actress, but it certainly looks like she's having fun doing both these days. With the upcoming release of her new movie, THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN and her debut EP, HAIZ getting the digital rollout this week, Steinfeld is a busy little bee doing a ton of promotion. She looks glamourous and chic for the spread in November's issue of Fashion Canada, which seems to be heralding the return of a lot of glitter and sparkle to the wardrobe of fashion forward young women (I don't get high fashion, but I know ugly when I see it and some of those dresses are just ridiculous). When she boogied on over to The Late Late Show to sing with James Corden and take selfies with the host and Chris Tucker (who could have taught her a thing or two about a flashy wardrobe if his Ruby Rhod collection is still in his closet), Steinfeld was all plunging necklines, lots of leg and luminescent smiles. So I guess I have to stop teasing her, because while I do think she's better suited sticking with acting, all of the love she's been getting from the media right now is a feast for the eyes.
Source: Got Celeb


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