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Hailee Steinfeld covered in kisses with upskirts is the best holiday cheer

12.06.2016by: Droz

The Hailee Steinfeld "I'm Getting Hotter and Hotter" road show, also known as the KISS FM Jingle Ball, keeps on rolling to its latest stop in Minnesota, where those poor, snowed in bastards gathered around to warm themselves by the light Hailee's heat for a little relief from the constant onslaught of freezing temps. Girl seems to be improving as a live act. I recall her being a little more stiff and unsure of herself at the beginning of her pop music career. Fortunately she's incorporated her signature upbeat, perky sensibilities into her show, along with a heaping helping of that burgeoning sex appeal. Notice how she keeps hiking up that kiss-covered skirt, despite the fact that she's wearing the usual stage gear underneath. Still a nice gesture on her part. I don't think Hailee and I will ever communicate when it comes to music, but she's definitely speaking to me in other ways.

Source: Superior Pics


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