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Hailee Steinfeld brought an excess of adorable to The Tonight Show

12.13.2016by: Droz

I'm constantly left amazed at how Hailee Steinfeld manages to be so sweet. Just check her out on The Tonight Show last night. How could anyone not love this girl? There's nothing missing there. You want her to be cute, she'll be cuter than anyone. You want her to be hot? She out-sexes everyone. You want her to act, or sing, or dance? She's got it all covered. I can find no fault in Hailee, which is unusual for someone like myself, who prides himself in rooting out the weaker aspects of people. If there's any weakness here with Haile at all, it's my inability to deny her any and all praise. Even if I had something negative to bring up about Hailee, I don't think I could do it. Not when she's being so sweet like in these pics. That would be like slapping around puppies. I couldn't live with myself. Hailee, you're wonderful. Don't ever change.

Source: Superior Pics


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