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Hailee Steinfeld always puts on a good show

05.01.2017by: Droz

I've come to the conclusion that there's very little Hailee Steinfeld can do wrong at this point in her life and career. I happen upon various still image moments featuring her all the time, or see her in movies and shows like this Radio Disney Award Show thing that happened this weekend. Not once in all those times have I ever had cause to react to her with less than glowing praise. Girl always handles whatever she's got going on with a smile and frequently a generous dose of sexy. She was in fact a triple threat at this Disney thing, going through 3 costume changes all hotter than the last. It makes the image below quite apropos in a South Park kind of way. Disney talks a good game with their anthropomorphic animals and animated wholesomeness, but their real selling point is sex. They don't have to sell me on Hailee. I gladly give her my affections free of charge.

Hailee Steinfeld Disney Hot

Source: NSFW


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