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Hail Booty! Maria Menounous wears a split legged pantsuit for red carpet premiere

02.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'm not sure whether or not to thank the designer of this odd split legged pantsuit that Maria Menounos wore to the Los Angeles premiere of HAIL, CAESAR!, the latest offering from the Coen Brothers. On one hand, the pantsuit fits tremendously well, hugging that famous badonkadonk of Maria's. On the other hand, it confused the hell out of me with the thigh high splits, mainly because I was hoping the recent strong winds in Cali would have provided for a nice wardrobe malfunction. Then again, I kinda also love it because it's low cut enough that we get to check out Menounos' other money makers, those well-formed tatas of hers (as well as a tiny peek of her bra in a couple of the side shots). I'm confused, in the same way that I'm undecided if the movie is going to be awesome or a total bust. Big points for the always great Tilda Swinton and for sneaking in a Fisher Stevens cameo. Big deductions for ScarJo's forced Jersey accent and Channing Tatum in general. 
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