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Gwen Stefani still has the abs and the weirdness

05.16.2016by: Droz

There's a sad kind of inevitability to seeing the rock stars of your youth begin to succumb to their lengthening years. We just saw Anthony Kiedis wheeled off to hospital for an indeterminate stomach illness, joining all sorts of music celebs from back in the day who are feeling their years. I used to think if they could survive the heroin chic of the 90s, they could survive anything. But we're all destined to buy it eventually, with the possible exception of Gwen Stefani.

We talk all the time about how virtually unchanged she is from decades ago. I was fully expecting her to catch up to her years recently when she had her 3rd kid in her mid 40s. But just look at those abs. They're same abs she had when she was 26 and singing in No Doubt. She's also still weird as hell, as demonstrated by the two-tone hair thing here. At some point she's gonna have to fake her death or go live on an island until everyone forgets about her. Otherwise her immortality will be revealed to the world and she'll wind up in a lab somewhere, turned into a blood farm for infusion into the bodies of billionaires. Be careful, Gwen. You don't want that.

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