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Gwen Stefani put on a show in more ways than one

06.03.2016by: Droz

Gwen Stefani put on a show for Samsung in front of their NYC building to kick off that company's summer concert series. And by putting on a show, what we really mean is she showed off a bunch of cleavage in her see thru bodysuit thing with the fishnets wrapped around those gorgeous hips. Damn, if only she didn't have those baggy pants on. Then it really would have been a show.

I found it absurd when I heard about Gwen's guy, Blake Sheldon, supposedly popping the question to her recently. Fortunately that all turned out to be bullshit. I can't imagine anything more idiotic than two people who just went through horrible marriage breakups suddenly jumping right back into another marriage. There's already way too many morons getting married, particularly in celebrity circles. You'd think they would be a little smarter about it after so many years of well documented, nasty breakups amidst the various celeb circles. Yet they still can't seem to stop getting hitched. Hey, I get it. Gwen looks hot and I could see how someone might lose their head in the heat of the moment. Still, these two ought to have their heads examined if they ever decide to walk down that aisle again for real.

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