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Gwen Stefani is still just a girl

04.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

If the midriff fits, wear it. Gwen Stefani dusted off the old bra top and camo pants outfit for her arrival at Stephen Colbert's late-night talk show, effortlessly rocking the midriff in the same, sexy mannor she did all throughout her 20s. The holy shit part of it is: she still looks like the carefree, frivolous hottie she once was, hardly missing a sexy beat. To better illustrate my point, I've made this set of photos a double batch, adding in captures from her attendance to a Saturday Night Live after party. Why? Because she made said appearance with her left ass cheek deliberately exposed, that's why. The fact that she is a mother is the only thing to indicate she's a full grown woman; going on her age defying looks, fashion choices and demeanor suggests that Gwen Stefani has been, and always will be, just a girl.

Source: Got Celeb


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