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Gwen Stefani is just a fashionable, divorced girl in Harper's Bazaar

07.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor

One of the things that people tend to forget, even when a couple is amicably divorced, is that they'll not be seeing their own children as much. Singer Gwen Stefani was already juggling motherhood, marriage and her career when she found out that husband Gavin Rossdale was cheating on her with their kids' nanny. So not only did she lose the man she loved, splitting up also meant dividing time with her sons between the two new homes.

Stefani candidly talks about the dissolution of her 14-year marriage in the August 2016 issue of Harper's Bazaar. "All I wanted my whole life was to have babies, be married, like what my parents have," she says. "It was so insane because not only did my family break up, but then my kids are taken away like half the time, so that was really like, 'What?! What did I do?'"

And while there are many know-it-alls who are saying that Stefani should have never hired a hot nanny to begin with, I think the fact that she looked like a dead ringer for her employee should have been more of a concern than general "hotness." I normally steer clear of looking these random people up, but every photo of the nanny shows just how much she comes off as the younger version of Gwen. Not saying that it makes the cheating right or that Stefani deserved to be trampled on, but still.


Source: Harper's Bazaar


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