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Gwen Stefani in a minidress with a plunging neckline

10.30.2015by: No Cool Handle

I remember when Gwen Stefani was at the height of her career. I would always look forward to that special time of year when she performs – with her band No Doubt – for drunk, horny college kids during MTV spring break; always wearing her signature cargo pants and bikini top. She had one of the greatest midriffs of all time and was always generous enough to display it, whenever, and wherever, she made an appearance. Times have changed. She has forsaken her sexy tummy look for a more contemporary plunging neckline. Curiously; what time hasn't changed is her sex appeal, or appearance for that matter. Her body looks as tight and tempting as it did all those years ago, and her face – save for a few laugh lines – looks incredible. It's hard to undersell just what an amazing state of preservation this platinum blonde beauty is in. You'd never guess she's well on her way to 50. 

Source: celeb mafia


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