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Greer Grammer is a nice gal at The Nice Guys premiere

05.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

Leave it to a generous display of cleavage to bring a relatively obscure celebrity babe like Greer Grammer to my attention – or maybe not so obscure. With so many young up and comers out there, showing their tits for the sake of career advancement and upping their notoriety, I occasionally loose track. That is until they attended a movie premiere like THE NICE GUYS with many of their own niceties out for public consumption. I especially like that string of diamonds wedged between this pale bird's bosom. They would serve to punctuate that feeling of accomplishment after you've managed to strip her of everything else (under consensual circumstances, of course), and have her laying before your eyes wearing only that bit of bling ... and maybe those heels. Yeah, definitely with the heels.

Source: Got Celeb


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