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GQ understands our Haley Bennett obsession & gifts us with more hot pics

09.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I can't say for sure if it was the chance to see Haley Bennett as a hot and dusty Western babe that made THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN the top grossing new flick at the box office this weekend, but I'm going to guess that it didn't hurt. At the premiere of her other big movie ready to give TMS some competition this upcoming weekend, Haley got groped by her assistant on the red carpet and I posted one of the images from her GQ spread, commenting that I was hoping there would be more soon. Well, soon has arrived, and while I'm not exactly happy that there are only 4 more pictures (so far, fingers crossed), they're good ones. Since I had to work all weekend, I'm planning on indulging in some Chris Pratt (and the other people that are surely just as good but who am I kidding, I love that goofy dude with the heart of gold and the comedic timing of a kid who makes a fart joke in the middle of a wedding ceremony) during the week instead. I might not have been completely sold on Haley being the hottest babe around but it took me a few tries to acquire a taste for a number of hotties and well, Chris Pratt. Did I mention that already?
Source: GQ


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