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GQ Germany squeezes every ounce of sexiness from Michelle Monaghan

02.10.2017by: No Cool Handle

Now, this is what I like to see: Michelle Monaghan doing the sexy photo shoot thing for a number of different magazines. If, like me, you spent time drooling over her spread for Shape Magazine featured earlier this week the fact that a follow-up is being released after such a short span of time (we're talking days ) is an answer to your soft-spoken prayers. Shape featured just enough of Michelle's magnificent bod to leave us wanting more, and now, GQ Germany provides it, with a limited, but no less effective, collection of this lovely specimen in a sheer brassiere and covering up her bare chest... Nice! Our German allies are capable of more than producing fine automobiles and tasty malt beverages. Like any good purveyor of provocative photography, GQ's German division knows how to get the most out of a hottie like Michelle Monaghan. Raise your boot-shaped beer steins and down your favorite German import and pay tribute to a job well done.

Source: GQ Germany


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