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Good job Sephora for putting Hilary Duff's favorites on the bottom shelf

12.14.2016by: Droz

I feel bad for Hilary Duff's kid. He's never gonna get to appreciate the goodness of her ass in all its perfectly round, spankable glory. That's his mom, so obviously the significance of it will be lost on him. But even if he winds up with an oedipal complex, which would be understandable, by the time he's fully aware of it her ass will probably be long past it. I guess it's just left to you and me to appreciate the glory of what Hilary carries behind her at all times. I feel like more stores Hilary frequents in the LA area should start relocating her favorite items to the bottom shelves. People in that town could use a few distractions from their miserable existences. Couldn't hurt you and I to witness her pushin' that cushion out a little either. RIP, poor little iPhone.

Source: Superior Pics


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