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Gone to the Dogs

07.29.2008by: Cherry Liquor

I mention this only because it's just a matter of time before Food Network Icon Rachael Ray ends up in the movies. She's conquered the small screen (in several different incarnations), the cooking utensil business, the book business and now... the dog food empire.

Ray's line of doggy cuisine, to be named Rachael Ray Nutrish (man, they didn't put a possessive apostrophe and S in there... dangerous...) and featuring a line of food made with all natural ingredients. She got the idea because she's a 40 year old woman who has a dog named Isaboo instead of a human child for offspring.

Proceeds from the line of doggy delights will go to Rachael's Rescue, a non-profit that Ray founded which helps dogs in the process of being adopted. (It provides free food for those families who foster animals until they find a permanent home.) Especially amusing? The line will include treats named after her pooch, including Isaboo Booscotti and Isaboo Grill Bites. And yet... there's still something about Ray that makes me salivate in a non-food related manner. I think I might need to have that checked out.

Source: E! Online


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