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Golden Globes 2013 Live Chat!

01.13.2013by: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifLet the celebrations begin everybody, awards season is finally here and will start off officially tonight with the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Holy shit was a year it has been for movies and it was so incredible that people around the world have been arguing tooth and nail on who should be nominated, who shouldn't, who should win, etc. Between "Zero Dark Thirty", "Argo", "Life of Pi", "Lincoln" and all the rest, I honestly don't know which way it might go and I expect a bitch of a Oscar betting pool come February.

That being said, the Golden Globes ceremony is premiering tonight at 8pm EST (5pm PT) and here at, we'll be covering the entire thing from the red carpet to the awards ceremony itself. As most fans of the site know already, we love posting tons of the best red carpet/ceremony photos from all the big shows and tonight will be no different. This year though, we're adding something very special for all our schmoes out there. Starting tonight at 7pm, I'll be hosting an online MovieHotties CHAT ROOM right here in this news post for the entire red carpet and ceremony where everyone can join in, comment on what's happening and chat with people from all over.

At the same time, there will hopefully be a LIVE VIDEO FEED from the red carpet and the actual ceremony that you can choose to watch while you chat with myself or anyone else in the room (we'll post it if one is available at the time). It should be a lot of fun and a great way to cover the event for everybody. So stay tuned for more information and if you want to have a few laughs, throw in some comments or whatever else during the red carpet and ceremony, come back at 7pm EST and chat with the rest of us. To see the full list of nominees this year, click here.

Thanks to everyone who joined the chat!


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