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Goddamn! Look at Bryce Dallas Howard

01.18.2017by: No Cool Handle

These pictures of Bryce Dallas Howard present something of an ethical conundrum. On the one hand, when discussing lovely Hollywood starlets, there's a line between heaping praise and going full perv; never go full perv. But these shots of Miss Howard make me want to unleash a slew of dirty verbiage in the most lurid, Donald Trumpian of ways – you know, without implying sexual assaults. And although the many things I'd like to do with her don't include grabbing without consent, that doesn't mean they wouldn't be considered deviant. That's why, unlike Bryce's creamy skin, I'll leave some things to the imagination. Suffice it to say (and thanks to her selection of eveningwear), some dormant areas of my imagination – hidden away and long forgotten – were suddenly kickstarting, and I began fantasizing in a way only a strong, healthy imagination would allow.

Source: NS4W


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