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Give thanks for another sexy holiday themed Maitland Ward photoshoot

11.30.2015by: Cherry Liquor
When last we saw her, Maitland Ward was carving up some pumpkins while letting her own chest gourds hang out. For Thanksgiving, we got a whole lot of foot fetish goodness (for those who are into that sort of thing) when Maitland decided to mix her stuffing with her little piggies. Ward seems to seriously get into these themed photoshoots, so much so that she lost track of holding onto her turkey and playfully dropped it mid-shoot. I adore this lady, with her positive attitude and lack of conservation when it comes to slipping a nip or two. If only we could have gotten her to play with the marshmallows from the sweet potatoes. Imagine that gooey white goodness, will you.
Source: Egotastic


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