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Girl meets pumpkin! Maitland Ward gets into the Halloween spirit

10.28.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Say what you will, you haters. Myself, I look forward to the photoshoots from Maitland Ward, especially when they're holiday themed. One could argue that Halloween isn't really a holiday and to those people I would say... well, I wouldn't say anything to them at all because they don't respect the sanctity that is Halloween. Ward was snapped carving up a pumpkin at a park in Beverly Hills, although it's uncertain if it was the same place that she later stripped down to nothing but a bunch of autumn leaves for some SnapChat pics. Not that I care where the deed is done, so long as I get to revel in her sexy redheaded goodness. The one thing missing from other cosplaying, geek-chic model girls (Adrianne Curry comes to mind) is the lack of infectious, smiling fun that Maitland has in spades. When she smiles, I smile. When she makes the sexy porn face, I... smile.
Source: Contact Music


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