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Gillian Jacobs style involves showing off a little sexy cleavage

02.22.2016by: Droz

I got Gillian Jacobs' new Netflix show Love in my viewing queue, which means I'll probably get around to watching it sometime before the end of the year. That's not a knock against Gillian. I'm just an incredible procrastinator when it comes to watching the stuff I claim to have interest in. My poor DVR remains filled with stuff I haven't watched and usually end up deleting. I suspect this is some part of me trying to increase the brow level of the content I expose myself to. Or it could be just a lot more simple to browse reddit all night until I pass out. I really should make the time to watch Gillian's show, because I've truly been missing her since Community finally went away. Often it was Alison Brie who monopolized most of the hottie attention back in the day, but Gillian was right there with her in my estimation. I appreciate Gillian's looks just as much as Alison's, particularly when Gillian goes brunette like she is in these Yahoo Style pics. I'm intrigued by the unspoken message those eyes of hers are delivering. Gillian is also the only one of those two who's gotten naked for real. That's always important to remember.

Gillian Jacobs Choke Topless

Source: Yahoo Style


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