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Gillian Jacobs, Jaimie Alexander and more on the Critics' Choice carpet

The uneventful Critics’ Choice Awards took place last night, and the only real highlight (other than some love being shown to BETTER CALL SAUL) was the parade of sexy that rolled down the carpet. Three fanboy favorites in particular made some waves, led by the incomparable Gillian Jacobs. I haven’t been keeping up with this latest season of COMMUNITY, but looking at her here makes me want to start bingeing… Jaimie Alexander’s sharp lines could cut through any crowd, and Yvonne Strahovski is always a welcome treat for my eyes. If the awards show itself was as sizzling as these three were, I maybe would’ve given a damn and tuned in.

Some added hotness from the likes of Jaime Pressly, Anna Faris, Judy Greer, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Annet Mahendru certainly kept the heat alive in the absence of many A-listers. It's nice when the alternative beauties get the spotlight for themselves, isn't it? 


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