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Gillian Anderson is simply sexy in The Edit

01.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'm happy to see Gillian Anderson getting more love lately, from her role on the intriguing BBC show, "The Fall" to the resurgence in fandemonium with the upcoming release of new episodes for "The X-Files." Anderson has always had a gruff sexiness about her, whether she was playing the straight woman to Duchovny on that famous Fox franchise to small but pivotal roles in movies as far back as THE MIGHTY. For the magazine, The Edit, Anderson is talking about how she's often felt the love from other ladies. "I like women a lot and I champion them. I tell people when they are beautiful, I tell other actresses when I think their work is amazing... So I think women feel relatively comfortable in my presence," Gillian explained in her interview. "Also, because Iím not perfect, you know? Iíve got flabby thighs, Iím aging and Iím 5ft 3in. I talk about my failing in contemporary society in terms of gyms or food or whatever. I think thereís a polite appreciation that Iím honest." That's what makes me honestly love her.
Source: Pop Sugar


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