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Gigi Hadid would make a fantastic pool toy

09.01.2015by: Droz

I wouldn't mind getting a little wet and wild with Gigi Hadid. Would you? There are so many of these new models out there just killing it where hot spreads like these are concerned. I don't think I've ever seen a more crowded field of premium female hotness so eager to do whatever it takes to get you and I to pay attention to them. It used to be that models attained popularity based on the approval they got from the fashion world. If enough designers liked the way a model wore their overpriced, unwearable shit, then they were allowed to climb another rung on the famous model ladder. Nowadays, things seem much more democratic. Appeals to public approval are first made through social media, which then gets back to the powers that be in the fashion world who act accordingly. I think I like this new system. It's certainly working for Gigi. She's rising fast up that ladder, going from virtual unknown to big time Vanity Fair model, all before she's even reached the legal drinking age. Not a bad run so far.

Source: SeafollyVanity Fair


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