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Gigi Hadid takes low cut to new extremes

05.21.2015by: Droz

Oh yeah, I'm diggin' this Gigi Hadid kid. So much fun to see a young hottie going around really excited about herself and her body. She don't want to keep herself all covered up. This is her time to shine. Thus the probable reason why she's slipped into an extremely low cut number for this amfAR gala. It doesn't really matter that this whole thing is about helping people with AIDS. She probably didn't even hang around for the actual event, or got too drunk at the open bar to remember anything that happened. The whole point was to show off her perfectly shaped tits for the media, who were eating it all up. Gotta appreciate all these young, hot models coming up that can't keep their clothes on for long. They're one of the few really good things about living in this particular day and age.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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