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Gigi, Bella and Kendall are the next generation of Victoria's Secret

12.01.2016by: Droz

The holidays bring a lot of things, among them colder temps, abundant carbs, horrible debt, frequent bouts of depression, eventual annoyance with manufactured Christmas cheer, and so on. One relatively positive thing which comes with this time of year is the annual Victoria's Secret holiday show. This is their big chance to put their best foot forward in the form of Earth's hottest models, all decked out in their best wares. This year marks something of a change in terms of who Vicky marches out to be their sex charged spokespersons. Lot's of new faces will be walking the runway this year, 3 of which are ones we're quite familiar with. Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella Hadid have already become something of a powerhouse duo in the modelling world. They can pretty much write their own ticket at this point and seem to be doing so.

The 3rd member of this trio of new hotness is one I'm sure some of you will scoff at. Yes, we all know where Kendall Jenner sources from. Like I've said before, she's the only one in this family with any legitimate feet of her own to stand on. Even if her older half sister hadn't made a sex tape and gotten her whole family infamous in the process, I believe Kendall still would have made something of herself as a model. Just look at her in this article's thumbnail. If you didn't know who that was (and I'm sure most of you didn't before you started reading this), would you have any doubts about her qualifications for modelling? I didn't think so.

But anyway, there's the new blood over at Vicky's house. I think they're in good hands - especially if folks like Bella continue to put out sexy shit like this, her entry in LOVE's annual video advent calendar.

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