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Giddy up! Lady Gaga is one cheeky cowgirl in New York

10.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She was sporting some major cameltoe when performing on last week's Saturday Night Live, not that an artist like Lady Gaga would care about her clothing getting eaten by her vagina, but the singer was still full of sexy when leaving her hotel in New York, wearing a very short pair of denim cutoffs and rocking a cowgirl hat and boots. With her engagement to actor Taylor Kinney off and reports that he's already on the rebound with a new chick, Gaga might be trying to put herself out there again, in the way that she knows best. Showing lots of skin has never been something she's been shy about, although it seemed as if she'd dialed back a bit when the couple announced their engagement, so it makes sense (in her world) that she'd revert to old habits. Not that we're complaining or anything...
Source: The Superficial


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