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Get ready to fall in love with Elle Fanning

09.20.2016by: Droz

So Elle Fanning has a couple pics in this month's W Magazine, which is nice and everything. The real reason to care about what she's doing with W comes from her little YouTube interviews in support of her couple of pictures. Elle is a beautiful girl and I fully anticipate her various skills will take her far in the years to come. However, I think my current favorite thing about Elle is her voice. Just listen to her talk about the new edition of W and some of the things that get her verklempt, as well as her initial delves into love scenes.

I don't know what's happening there, but I could listen to her talk about nothing all day long. Maybe there's some strange vibrations her vocal chords put into the air that triggers a reward center in my brain when they enter my ear. That's the Star Trek explanation, but whatever it is, her voice is just perfect. It comes in equal parts charming, cute, funny, sweet - basically all of the above where positive adjectives are concerned.

If you haven't been ensnared by Elle's vocal seductions, check out her cover of the late, great Prince's song "Kiss" and see if you too don't fall under her spell by the time she's finished. I love this girl.

Source: W Magazine


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