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Get ready for Civil War with yet another set of Elizabeth Olsen pics

05.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

Fandango is already reporting record numbers for Captain America: Civil War pre orders – the time has come. There will be many, myself included, who will attend Marvel's Super Smash Bros. sneak preview this evening. I honestly don't know why the official opening release day for big-budget blockbusters isn't Thursday night; I can't remember the last time I went to one on a Friday. To mark this joyous, and long-awaited occasion, here's one more photo set of Ashley Olsen attending the most recent screening, generously displaying the top of her bewitching boobs. In my last post I wrote: Elizabeth Olsen could make Steve Rogers think impure thoughts... Later that day, this photo arose.

I f**kin' knew it! -- Sorry. These current pics may not be as revealing as what is undoubtably Chris Evan's favorite photo, but the way I see it, she's always worth a look. The Captain may be too much of a Boy Scout to spend an enchanted evening with Scarlet Witch but I have a feeling [that] his celebrity alter ego has already made a move. Who could blame him?

Source: Superior Pics


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