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Get on your knees for Dianna Agron, who's looking like royalty

05.20.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Sometimes it's just nice to catch up with a hottie to make sure she's doing okay. She doesn't have to be doing anything incredibly important and if they're not found in public doing something crazy or promoting a movie, it's easy to sometimes forget about them - even for a moment. Thankfully, Dianna Agron popped her pretty little head up at a play called MCQUEEN for its press night and reminded the world (and me) that she exists and she's quite pretty. I'm liking the whole sexy bra shirt thing. It's super hot, but for some reason I think she looks pretty classy. Perhaps it's the jacket. Perhaps I'm a pervert. We'll never know these things for sure, but I do know one thing: I really like the way this gal looks and I'm happy she's doing well for herself and watching plays and shit. 

Source: Celebmafia


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