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German model Maria Hering defects to a stars & stripes bikini

12.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I guess most of the more high profile hotties are busy doing their Xmas shopping, staying off the streets and red carpets because shit is getting boring this week. We might mock Bella Thorne for dangling her boobs about lately but it's the most exciting thing going on. With awards season upon us, I guess they could all be working out, getting in shape for those tight fancy dresses. I wish more would just take a page from Maria Hering, a German model who has a sparse Instagram account that features some highly prepped selfies. Maria might have considered such planning when taking to the beach in Miami for these ocean snaps, where she almost lost her shiny iPhone to the waves while making sex faces at the camera. Still, she looks pretty darn good for someone whose flotation devices have been over-inflated. The view of her ass looks better when she's doing the snapping, though. She might have to drop a few bucks on a selfie stick to avoid paparazzi spreading shots of that same popped booty looking a bit droopy.

Source: Gossip Extra


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