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Geri Halliwell is so spicy, she can barely keep it all in her bikini

08.20.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I was never a fan of The Spice Girls, although I do have an affection for their movie, what weirdness it contains and what a delight to watch it on April 20th, should the mood strike me. Out of all of the women from the group, I will heartily exalt Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell as having been my favorite, if only because she seemed the most genuine of the group. Victoria "Posh" Beckham might be the most well known and what-not, but Geri was the one who did all that nude modeling when she was younger and those boobs of hers have always been right out of a Page 3 spread. (Unironically, she actually was a Page 3 girl when she was 18.) Last week, as a part of the celebration of her 43rd birthday, Geri went out on a yacht with her husband and showed that she's still got all the requirements needed to get back on that page, if it still was around. With a tummy that toned, it's hard to remember that Geri gave birth to her own little spice girl back in 2006. Maybe Posh has been getting tips from Ginger all along...
Source: The Superficial


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