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Genevieve Morton teases and pleases in Esquire Mexico

12.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

In her latest gig for Esquire Mexico, Genevieve Morton's ability to taunt and tease – and at the same time, making sure the overall experience is not frustrating one – is on full display. The cover photo, in particular, showing enough to be extremely satisfying, not obscuring those adult toys in any way that undermines just how perfect they truly are. You can easily make out the fine craftsmanship; even if you haven't yet seen them fully uncovered, you know they're flawless. The shot that clearly shows the well defined lines on her delectable thighs lets us know Genevieve has been diligent in maintaining her fantastic body. Not to say [that] by 30 the wear and tear should already be showing – she's been in the game a while (it must be nice to have the kind of job security) – it's just, from a visual standpoint, Ms. Morton's bod has the look of something that's been hermetically sealed, as unspoiled as a mint condition Ferrari, never once driven from the showroom.

Source: Esquire


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