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Genevieve Morton shows us what women really do with those prolonged bathroom breaks

10.09.2015by: Droz

I always suspected there was some funny business going on with those long trips to the bathroom the ladies so often make. Now Genevieve Morton fills us in on what exactly your girl is up to when she absconds to the privy right before things start to get going between you. Us guys really should appreciate all the efforts women make to impress. It's pretty crazy the kind of modifications your girl inflicts on herself in a desperate attempt to not gross you out. If only they knew how little most guys require of them there. Be warm and willing and we're down for whatever you got to give.

Genevieve is like the unsung curvy model. She runs in the same circles as the Kate Uptons and Charlotte McKinneys of the modelling world. Yet few people could put a name to her massive tits. Too bad, as I tend to like her just as much or even more than those others. I respect her for not being perfect. She doesn't have the flawless complexion or the inhuman body. She's like a person, with battle scars just like the rest of us have. Although my favorite of her unconventional features is her seeming fearlessness. Girl seems to be down for most any kind of display. Just look at her here. I can't imagine many other models squatting in the shower to shave their cooches for a commercial. I respect that kind of pluck in a gal.

Source: Cheeki


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