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Genevieve Morton kicks off a new trend with her #ToplessTuesday pics

08.09.2016by: Cherry Liquor
OK, so #ToplessTuesdays isn't really a new trend and while it would be awesome if Genevieve Morton would carry it on with weekly enthusiasm, such is not really the case. A little while back, we were all losing our minds over finally getting to see Emmanuelle Chriqui's perfect naked breasts and while the quality of the image was fuzzy and distorted, we had photographer Randal Slavin to thank for it. Clearly not the uber-perv that Richardson is, Slavin convinced a number of other beautiful women to doff their tops, (NSFW Morton included). Now there a few more of Morton from what I'm guessing is either that original shoot or a new one where he's being stingy with the overall results. Whatever, I don't care. What few we have are super awesome enough to last us for a few faps and then some. And if this is a trend, well, thank you to all who contribute to its long-lasting legacy.

You can click on the censored image to see the NSFW version:

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