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Genesis Rodriguez is see through & sexy at Run All Night premiere

03.10.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I'm so glad that being in an Oscar winning movie hasn't deterred the gorgeous Genesis Rodriguez from being willing to show off some belly button. At least that was the first thing that I zeroed in on when I checked out the pictures from the red carpet premiere of RUN ALL NIGHT, where Rodriguez showed up in a see-through black dress. Many other hotties have been overdoing it with the cut-away panels and the dresses that look as if they've had a magic spell cast on them to keep from falling off and I can't express enough how much nicer this is. Hint at the skin, show off an incredible smile and be lucky enough to have Genesis' genes and you've got the equation for a drop-dead knockout. And let's face it, she's adorable as the voice of Honey Lemon in BIG HERO 6. Not sure how that cuteness will translate when she appears in Kevin Smith's next film, YOGA HOSERS, the movie that will cram the progeny of Smith and Johnny Depp down our throats and probably inspire imbecilic rants from the fusspot director if we dare to have any opinions about it that he disagrees with.
Source: Getty Images


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