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Gemma Atkinson takes her ripped & curvy bikini body back to the pool

04.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If there's a signup sheet where one can simply write their name down and eventually be granted any body of their choosing, I'm putting ink to paper to get me a Gemma Atkinson physique. I don't even really know much about the lady, other than the fact that she was once on "Hollyoaks," a popular series in the UK and that she's done modeling over the years. Other than those credentials, I've mainly gleaned that she's occasionally been picked on in the media for not being as lightweight as the unrealistic expectations for women are set. Gemma is open when she talks about her weight, which is pegged at 11st (approximately 155 pounds), as well as the hard work she puts in to keep herself looking so fit. She's also equally open about when she doesn't work out, tweeting about taking a rest from the gym and substituting a couple of yoga sessions and pool visits. And while there never will be a magical sign up sheet, Gemma has shown that being fit doesn't mean starving yourself or using gross tools like smoking to keep your weight down. I find it so much more attractive when a hot woman works hard and is humble about what it takes to achieve that result.
Source: Daily Mail


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