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Gemma Atkinson plays dirty in Cape Verde

01.27.2017by: No Cool Handle

Every once in a while we come across hotties who love to get down and dirty in Cape Verde (an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa), rubbing sludge over their beautiful bodies for some all-natural exfoliation. This particular vacation destination is popular among busty, British pin-up girls like Katie Price, Danielle Lloyd and Gemma Atkinson. Here we find Gemma channeling her inner canine, digging up muck with her bare hands from the bed of salt evaporation ponds that were built over a natural volcanic salt lake. I'm not sure what makes this mud so unique women travel thousands of miles just to spread it over their body – like spreading butter on toast. But I get the feeling it's nothing more than a luxurious activity those with extra time, and extra money, feel the need to experience. The only way such a thing would interest me is if I was the one charged with frosting Gemma Atkinson's cakes.

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