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Gemma Atkinson muscles her bulging bosom into 2 different bikini tops

10.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I've got a bit of a thing for a muscular babe in a bikini and when it comes to managing that muscle to boob to curves to natural beauty ratio, Gemma Atkinson really has it mastered. While she got her start as a British soap opera tart, Gemma stepped up her game over the years, balancing out the breast implants she wanted to get with a fit frame that obviously shows that she's more interested in being strong than thin, something that the women in American movies & TV could stand to learn from. Atkinson seems to perpetually be on holiday, this time soaking up the sun in Marbella, a quaint little getaway in Spain, changing out of a string bikini top into one that emphasized that magnificent underboob when she went to fit her ponytail, all while giving the paps she knew were watching a view of her biceps as well. I kinda want to cuddle up to her and squeeze those... well, any part of her, if she'd let me.
Source: Saw First


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