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Gemma Atkinson looks toned and tasty in her blue bikini

03.24.2017by: No Cool Handle

It would be nice if Gemma Atkinson showed up in some popular bikini hotspots every once in a while. Maybe then we'll see more and better imagery featuring the hard bodied Brit soaking her figure in warm ocean waters. (Just saying something like that out loud gets the blood flowing.) She's hot enough to put the tough competitors of Miami Beach in their place; not like when vacationing in CapeVerde, were Gemma is the only hottie of note in 1000 mile radius. The health-conscious babe possesses a body we here on the Internet enjoy very much, and while her secluded getaways to the volcanic island often bear sexy fruit, I want to see Gemma showing this generation of self-proclaimed fitness gurus – who have all but taken over social media – what a physically fit body really looks like. The woman obviously works hard to keep everything nice and firm, at the same time,  making sure not bench press her way to a manly physique. She still maintains the shapely feminine features we can't do without, with a dash of muscle definition to enhance her overall aesthetic.

Source: NS4W


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