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Gemma Atkinson ditches the bikini for a little red carpet flair

12.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
We're far more accustomed to seeing Gemma Atkinson striding through the ocean or lounging poolside in a bikini than we are with her all gussied up for special events like this one she attended for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards earlier this week. After all, when you have a body that looks like this, why wouldn't you want it to be in as little clothing as possible? I almost didn't recognize Gemma here, what with the darker, slightly reddish hair and the dress that covers so very much (too much), but that sweet smile of hers stands out. As for what she has to do with the sports world, I could joke that she was simply hunting for a new beau, but the lady is pretty darn fit all on her own, even if she's not employed in the professional sports arena.
Source: Daily Mail


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