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Gemma Atkinson dipped her toned tush into crystal blue holiday waters

03.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Talk about some tight curves. UK glamour model, Gemma Atkinson clearly has not been idling resting while on vacation in Marbella. While she might have taking a break from taking pictures, this is certainly the fittest we've seen Gemma be in, with her defined abs and muscular ass only overshadowed by the bodacious bosom. I guess the Brits aren't happy with her weight, although by even the most rigid American standards, she is athletically defined as f*ck. In an interview with The Mirror, Atkinson recently explained that she weighs 11 stone (approximately 155 pounds) and that people are constantly shocked that she weighs that much. At 5'9" and factoring in that muscle weighs more than fat, I don't understand how that number can be that shocking. Honestly, to me, Gemma has more of a Wonder Woman physique than Gal Gadot could ever have.  
Source: Daily Mail


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