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Gemma Arterton wrapped up the Venice Film Festival with a bang

09.06.2016by: Droz

Making Gemma Arterton a judge at this year's Venice Film Festival was an excellent decision on the part of the organizers of that event. For one thing, doing so helped end the long drought of Gemma content around here. It also allowed Gemma to be all over the place at the thing, especially at the closing of the festival, where she put on perhaps the best red carpet show of them all with her see thru goodness. Even if she's been somewhat elusive lately, Gemma has never once left my personal top 5 favorite hotties list. Others come and go, but Gemma's perfect everything and the eye-popping way she displays her stuff in pics like those below demonstrate exactly why I remain so devoted to her. Girl is and always will be one of the very best around.

Source: NSFW


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