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Gemma Arterton was positively pretty in purple at Olivier Awards

04.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It's hard to get too upset when a lady as beautiful as Gemma Arterton makes a slip on the red carpet. I mean, she is the same lady who, just last year at the Olivier Awards, wore this on the red carpet:

What a difference a year makes. While I'm not won over by this overly purple, overly sparkly number she's got on here, it's hard to argue that Arterton isn't gorgeous in just about everything she wears. Her personality tends to shine when the cameras are on her, although being an actress I suppose she could just be faking it every time she hits the red carpet. I'm looking forward to Gemma getting back to the big screen after taking some time to get entrenched in theatrical life in the UK. With the upcoming release of THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, based off the provocative book by Mike Carey (who was also picked to write the screenplay as well), it'll be a good chance to watch her in action again. 

Source: Daily Mail


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