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Gemma Arterton showed off some of her sweet pink

01.15.2015by: Droz

F*ck me, two of my favorite English hotties back-to-back? Must be my lucky day. Gemma Arteron was on some UK show called Mel & Sue recently, discussing her advocacy of an equal pay for women society. I have to agree with her on that subject. Seems pretty stupid that such a thing is still a problem in 2015. Just another reminder that we're not as advanced as we might like to think we are in the so-called modern world. Another example of our lingering caveman tendencies is the fact that as I'm typing this I have to periodically pause to check out how awesome Gemma's tits look in that dress. They're just like two pink grapefruits I want get in my hands and squeeze. I really am a supporter of equal pay for women, but I'm afraid Gemma wouldn't believe me were we to be discussing it, as I'd be too distracted by her huge rack and luscious lips to hear what she was saying. In the end she'd probably think I was some male chauvinist lech. She'd be right on the second part.

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