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Gemma Arterton has the perfect shape for geometric print at Gemma Bovery premiere

08.07.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Gemma must be the most popular name out of the UK, based on how I keep seeing it on every other extremely well-proportioned female from their country. Or perhaps it was just fate that the gorgeous Gemma Arterton be hired to play the lead in GEMMA BOVERY. No, that title isn't spelled wrong, it's simply a play on the classic piece of literature, Madame Bovary or more directly an adaptation of Gemma Bovery, the graphic novel inspired by the work by writer Gustave Flaubert. Set in the French countryside, the film pushes a lot of buttons simultaneously, between drama, comedy and romance, all of which have so far only added up to a 54% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It couldn't be because Arterton is lacking - the actress generally is the best thing about everything she touches. The problem is that she tends to touch a lot of artsy-fartsy stuff that have wild hit-or-miss probabilities. At the London premiere of the film yesterday, Gemma looked flawless in a geometric print top and miniskirt that might have covered up her famous cleavage but did a bang up job at showcasing her tummy and legs. 
Source: Daily Mail


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