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Gemma Arterton had them saying "ooh la la" at the Venice Film Festival

08.31.2016by: Droz

Seems like forever since I've had any reason to talk about Gemma Arterton. That wont do. As one of my top hotties of all time, I need constant updates of the buxom British beauty or I just don't feel right about things. Fortunately she's in attendance at the Venice Film Festival, making the most out of the red carpet at the LA LA LAND premiere. If I'm gonna be honest, I have to admit part of the reason why I haven't posted any Gemma pics as of late is due to a disturbing lack of sexy displays on her part. Someone might get some pics of her out and about in London, but she's frequently wrapped up in the sort of concealing cold weather gear you usually need when out and about in London. I've seen hardly any of these kinds of "look at me" appearances from her. My fear is that Gemma has moved on from the sorts of gratuitous displays she used to be synonymous with. Oh man, that would be a tragedy. Her boob shows have always been one of the best perks of this job. I'm gonna be real sad to see them go.

Source: Daily Mail


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