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Gemma Arterton can bang her gavel on us anytime

09.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It feels as if we haven't seen Gemma Arterton in a movie in forever, but the reality is more that she's chosen to do some quieter, more low-key indies in the past couple of years, as well as do some stage productions as the British thespians love to do. I'm actually really excited to see her as Helen Justineau in THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, which was supposedly released this August although I never saw a single trailer for the film. If you've read the book, you could understand the excitement of seeing that tale come to the big screen, but once again, I fear that it got squashed in the middle of the shitstorm that was the 2016 summer box office. Gemma has been in Venice this week for their annual film festival, one of a part of their jury, because she does seem to know a thing or two about being in a good movie (and a few bad ones, because perspective, yo!). While everyone talked shit about Alicia Keys not wearing makeup to the MTV VMAs this past Sunday, check out Gemma with hardly any fuss on her face. It's not so bad, right guys? And you know that this beauty is for real, rather than some special optical illusion.
Source: Daily Mail


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