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Geek opiate Olivia Munn looks pretty good; she usually does

11.11.2015by: No Cool Handle

Not to be a Dick, but that's all she ever looks like to me – pretty good. I never have come across a set of photos or breast-baring clip (see the movie Magic Mike ) that ever made me want to move her name to the must bone column. Sometimes I'll talk about her being hot in order to serve those of you that have a thing for her – after all, I am here to serve. Being a big video game nerd myself, I remember when Olivia Munn arrived on the scene as co-host of Attack of the Show. Instead of thanking that gaming heavens – which probably looks like a cloudy Mine Craft design – I greeted this leggy lass with some healthy skepticism. Was she really an avid gamer, or did she play Ms. Pac-Man once and have that on her resume? I get why the gaming network would push for her, even if her gaming ambitions needed to be fabricated. Until her arrival, controller jockeys had no tangible female presence to go with every gamer's fantasy of having a sexy lady to fornicate with in between long load times – the stocky Morgan Webb doesn't count.

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